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Broadhead tuning 

Quick easy 4 step guide to Broadhead tuning

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Tuning a bow for target with methods like paper tuning and walkback tuning is good practise, but the broadheads  may not group with field points. Here is a broadhead-tuning method that is easy to get field points and broadheads grouping together, but you still need to have a properly tuned bow and correctly spined hunting arrow.

Broadhead tuning can be done at any range, but the planing effect of broadhead blades is greater the bigger the distance. 25-30 yds. is the most common broadhead tuning distance. It is best to use a fixed-blade broadhead for tuning, they exaggerate all imperfections in a bow setup. But if your mechanicals are not grouping with your field points this method will help.


  1. Shoot a group of three or four field points at the target, making sure you are properly sighted in for your shooting distance. (pick a distance that you can consistently shoot good groups to as you need solid groups to see arrow patterns.)  

2.  Shoot two or three broadhead-tipped hunting arrows atthe same spot, note of where they hit. If they group with your field points, your bow is already tuned for hunting (however, check at longer distances just to make sure).


If they don’t, you will want to move your broadheads to the field points with the rest. So if your broadheads group low and to the left of your field points, you’ll want to move your rest up and to the right (only move in one direction at a time, so start with horizontal rest travel as this can sometimes have an effect on the vertical as well.  


Make only very small adjustments at first. Do not move your sights at this stage, as that will come later.

3.   OK now shoot three field points again, followed by a group of broadheads, gain note the position of each group. Again adjustment the rest to bring the broadheads to the field points. Now please note that you are shooting for the center of the target, but the objective is to get the broadheads and field points grouping together. (walking the broadheads to the field pointd) It is common that once field points and broadheads are flying the same, they will not be hitting your exact aiming point. Repeat this step – complete small arrow rest adjustments in only one direction at a time – until the field points and broadheads are flying to the same spot.












4. Now the broadheads and field points are hitting the same spot, so you have a bow broadhead tuned. Check each of your sight pins (or your sight tape) and make any necessary windage and elevation adjustments, and shoot a mix of field points and broadheads at varying distances to make sure they’re flying together.

Broadhead tuning
Step 1 Shoot Field Tips
Step 2 Shoot & Adjust
Step 3 Shoot fine Adjust
Step 4 Sight your pins
Broadhead Tuning Videos
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