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How Sika Stopper is Different      

 Giving Better Value

Why is a Micro - Diameter Arrow better?

Just Google “Micro Diameter Arrows NZ” to see all the options available, but what is all the hype about?

After testing hundreds of arrows and talking to many industy leaders, the agreed facts we found are:

  • Micro Diameter preforms better in both target and hunting archery environments.

  • Heavier arrows deliver more punch and quieten your bow.  

Velocity Maintenance


Lateral wind friction is the first most significant factor that you gain with a lower profile Micro Diameter arrow. But it isn’t the only thing that influences an arrow’s flight dynamics.

The more surface area an arrow has, the greater the air friction on the arrow. This additional friction reduces the arrow’s velocity (speed), resulting in reduced downrange kinetic energy.


A lower profile shaft diameter allows the arrow to minimise atmospheric friction and retain more velocity at longer distances.

A small-diameter shaft will retain more energy when it reaches the target.


The “why does that matter” is obvious: the more energy an arrow has when it reaches the target the harder it will hit. That means better penetration and increased pass-through potential for quicker, cleaner kills and tighter groups.

The Long-Range Performers

This theory is sound and stacks up in basic physics and the circumstantial evidence shows the performance value of small-diameter shafts—whether you’re shooting Fallow in close quarters or when your open to more wind effect in larger open-range game at distances that push the comfort zone for most shooters.

Which Micro Diameter arrow should you use?


The next question is, what type of small-diameter shaft is right for you? Well there are more and more options available of arrows that cover most hunters’ bow setups and shooting preferences. But we need to keep life practical, and in New Zealand some of the ultra-thin diameters are not idea for the rough treatment of NZ Bush hunting, additionally they require the cost of special treaded heads to fit.


Look for options that will fit your standard broad head and field point or you are up for huge additional costs.

The small-diameter arrow discussion really presents no mysteries. Reduced wind drift, higher downrange velocities, good trajectory, superior penetration, and minimal pass-through friction all combine to ensure the most accurate and most lethal hunting arrow performance you can find. And that works whether you’re after big Stags in the Bush or chasing Fallow in the open country.

Shoot more Carbon Arrows & Get better Value.

Sika Stopper Carbon Arrows are committed to seeing all people become archers and we want to get high quality Carbon arrows in everyones hands.


We support archers by passing on our reduced costs which lower the more carbon arrows you order. Its very simple really, the more carbon arrows you need the less time we spend making and packing carbon arrows, so we give that saving back to you.


Additionally if you know how many carbon arrows you will buy in a year and you want a super deal for buying them all at once you could get our best rate right there and then!  

We want to support you getting out there and shooting, and part of that is losing, breaking, and damaging  arrows. So the more you need the better deal we will give you!

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