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New Zealands Micro Diameter Carbon Arrows.

Carbon Arrows designed by Kiwis for New Zealand conditions

Sika Stopper NZs Carbon Arrow      

Sika Stopper Carbon Arrows are designed to be thick walled and heavy to perform in New Zealand, one of the worlds most varied tough and rough hunting conditions.


Sika Stopper wins the day in tough conditions windy, wet and tight bush.

  • Higher Kinetic Energy delivered to the target

  • Reduced Bow Noise. 

  • Improved stability in flight

  • Reduced wind effect

  • 6mm Mirco Diamenter Carbon Arrow

  • 0.006 Straightness

Wind Effect on arrows
Carbon Arrows NZ
Hunting Arrows NZ
Carbon Arrows NZ

Velocity Maintenance


  • Reduced Cross Wind Effect is the first most significant factor that you gain with Sika Stoppers lower profile Micro Diameter arrow. 

  • Lower the air friction on the arrow, reduced friction improves the arrow’s velocity (speed), resulting in more downrange kinetic energy.

  • Higher Grains per inch means more mass, increased mass captures more energy from your bow. 


  • ​Increase Stability in Flight.

​Research for New Zealand Carbon Arrows

It took what felt like forever to get our carbon arrow design right! After 11 very long months of trial and error, trail and failure, and trail again, we finally got what we believe is the perfect conbination for the perfect NZ Micro Diameter carbon arrow. 

In outdoor field archery competition, shooters want the smallest possible diameter shaft they can get. The reason is that a carbon arrow with a small profile significantly reduces the effect of wind drift (crosswind that pushes the carbon arrow shaft horizontally left or right).

 By using Sika Stopper mirco-diameter shafts, the archer minimizes crosswind impact (wind drift) and increases the carbon arrow’s ability to carry more kinetic energy to the intended target.

We hope you will try Sika Stopper and see for yourself. With our 7 day return if you don’t like it, money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose.  

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