6 Sika Stopper Arrows

6 Sika Stopper Arrows

This is a full completed carbon arrow hand cut and glued to your size - nock, fletching, shaft, insert, field point. 

Sika Stopper Arrows - Guaranteed for life. 

  • Carbon Arrow Specs

    300 spine @ 12.08 GPI 0.006 STRAIGHTNESS (6.4mm OD 4.2mm ID)

    340 spine @ 10.2   GPI 0.006 STRAIGHTNESS (6.2mm OD 4.2mm ID)

    400 spine @  9.14  GPI 0.006 STRAIGHTNESS (6.0mm OD 4.2mm ID)


    Maximum cut is 32 inches - all will be custom cut to your desired length. 

  • We stand behind every arrow

    If you have ANY reason you dont like them, we will give you a full refund on the arrows when you return them. We know they are very good quality hunting arrow and they stack up.